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ABOUT Domocoin

Community-oriented cryptocurrency

Domocoin is a cryptocurrency based on a modified PivX code. It´s main purpose is the proof of ownership to access the DOMO community.

Only people owning at least 1 Domocoin will be able to login to the network

By providing DOMO exclusive features and channels, we created an environment and userbase for our prototype, a open-source browser for social networks.

Domocoin is completely self-funded. No Premine, No Presale, No ICO. Join the team and earn Domocoins for your contributions!

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Most social networks these days have nearly the same features, but different layouts. While many open source social networks without central power offer similar functions, there is unfortunately no rush. Everyone has their friends on a different social network, privacy and data protection seem to play a secondary role.

Instead of developing a new social network that would most likely hardly be used, our solution integrates the existing social networks into a framework that offers much more security, functionality and communication through a controllable environment.

We will integrate all social networks into a special kind of browser with the blockchain as backbone technology!


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DOMO tipping bots

May 5, 2019

We have tipping bots on all social networks we are present in! Join us on discord and earn free domocoins in the domo-bot channel! Join us on Telegram and get tipped by our generous Community! Tweet on Twitter and mention us “domocoin” for free Coins!

Zerocoin Vulnerabilities

Apr 25, 2019

The recent PivX vulnerabilitys have caused a lot of uncertainty. Almost noone noticed we disabled #zerocoin to avoid being exploited. We will remove the zerocoin protocol in a future update.


Jan 28, 2019

Want to earn some Domocoins? Got epic skills any Community would benefit from? Join our Community and find a place full of likeminded people! Take a look at the bounties or suggest new ideas, everyone is welcome! Click here


How we became, who we are.

Domocoin - Release

Domocoin SWAP (PIVX)

New Blockchain - More Changes!

First Cryptomergers in History!

  • 06/2018
    Domocoin - Release
  • 07/2018
    Domocoin New Algorithm
  • 12/2018
    New Blockchain More Changes!
  • 01/2019
    DOMO Community-Merge

Community First

By rewarding contributions in Domocoins, the Community becomes the main source for development tasks. Also, contributors get the chance to join the DOMO team and be hired for specific job listings.

Below you can find currently outstanding development tasks. In order to realize those features, workforce needs to be paid. Send us a donation or apply for the job to make the features reality!